My Cloud 9 Story

I cried on my way to work almost everyday. Really. Like 3 times a week, I was bawling on my way to work. Then I got pregnant with baby #2, and while on maternity leave I decided that something needed to change.

I had tried direct sales in the past, but it was always more like a hobby for me, rather than a business. This time was going to be different. It HAD to be, I have bills to pay, and babies to raise.

So I thought about what people wanted, what I was personally interested in, what would be FUN, and I kept reaching the same conclusion. Romance.

Romance items… and I quote from a very wonderful friend of mine

“If I don’t have extra money for new makeup, I just don’t have makeup…but if I my vibrator breaks you know I’m gonna get me new one”!

I did A LOT of research…and the more I looked into the business, the more Cloud 9 was the obvious choice.

I chose Cloud 9 because I felt like the CEO genuinely wants her consultants to be successful. The support the company offers, is unparalleled.  Their incentives ROCK, and the women and men that are a part of this company are just incredible. I knew Cloud 9 was where I belonged.

The decision to become a Cloud 9 consultant IS changing my life, and everyday I know I made the right choice.