The Opportunity


Cloud 9 Parties is a newer party plan company, so there is a huge opportunity to grow a wonderful business. Right now Cloud 9 has less than 5,000 consultants. Start now, be at the top later!!

I heard that their was a business management fee? Yes, it’s 28.95.

Included in that fee is…

Credit card processing– That’s right you don’t have to pay 3.5% for each transaction.

Hostess rewards-When you earn 40% at a party, you get to keep it!! The company covers your hostess rewards!! Oh, and our hostess get 20% of party sales!!

40% commission– You earn this from the start.

A website

No sales quotas– If you have emergency you won’t get kicked out of the family!

No demotions– Again, if you find yourself in the middle of a life crisis and can’t manage your business, we’ll hold your spot, because you’ve earned it!

Residual income- As you begin to build your business, you will earn a percentage off of team sales!


We also offer a transfer option for those that have party plan experience!!

Ready to change your life?